Bavaria: More money for doctors and clinics

Bavaria: More money for doctors and clinics

Bavarian Health Minister wants more money for doctors, pharmacists and clinics

Bavarian Minister of Health Marcel Huber (CSU) demands more money for outpatient doctors, hospitals and pharmacists. This is to be financed by the contributors to the statutory health insurance funds, although all three groups in the health care system will receive much higher fees as early as 2013.

Bavaria's CSU Minister of Health Marcel Huber has now taken part in the doctors' fee dispute. In view of the billions surpluses of the health insurance companies, doctors with higher fees should benefit. Pharmacists and clinics should also get something from the billion dollar cake. In the course of the debate, the association of statutory health insurers made it clear that the surpluses must be saved for the coming times in order to avoid increases in premiums.

The Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP), however, calls for the practice fees to be purchased. These would not fulfill their actual purpose of making fewer visits to the doctor. The surpluses should therefore be used to abolish quarterly fees. Huber, however, rejects the FDP minister's proposals or even cut the contribution rate. These are primarily "election gifts". Rather, it must be about ensuring high-quality health care, as Huber told the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). "To do this, we need to strengthen hospitals, doctors and pharmacists, especially in rural areas."

Huber believes that all three pillars of the health system should receive an additional 800 million to one billion euros annually. The Bavarian Minister of Health had already submitted an application to the Federal Council at the end of July for the clinics to receive more funds from the health insurers.

Choice gifts for clinics and doctors
State elections in Bavaria will take place in about a year. With the new demands, Huber adopted the catalog of claims of medical doctors, pharmacists and hospital companies. Irrespective of this, however, expenditure on statutory health insurance for outpatient and inpatient health care will increase significantly next year. Expenditures for pharmaceuticals will also be renegotiated. A further increase in expenditure is also expected here.

Discussions between the medical profession and the health insurance funds are currently idle, but they will certainly be continued before the extended evaluation committee. This is all about the exact sum. What is certain is that doctors and psychotherapists can in any case expect increases in fees. In addition, hospital expenditure will also increase due to the "Psych-Entgeltgesetz" (psychological remuneration law) passed in July this year. For example, within the law, the reduced revenue equalization rate. This gives the clinics a lot more income. As of 2012, pharmacists will receive increases in fees, for which the cash registers will have to shell out an additional 190 million euros annually. In addition, the black and yellow federal government plans to raise fees for emergency services. Here, too, the health insurers are likely to spend more. (sb)

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