Authorities warn of Asian slimming products

Authorities warn of Asian slimming products

Health authorities again warn of Asian slimming products

So-called slimming products from Asia keep appearing on the Internet. However, names such as "Super-Slim", "Fat Napalm Bomb" or as currently "Japan Hokkaido - Pill for weight reduction" hide dangerous substances that have life-threatening side effects and are prohibited in Germany.

Slimming products have life-threatening side effects and interactions "Japan Hokkaido - Pill for weight reduction" is already the third slimming product that the German authorities are warning of this year. The pink pills are also sold in pink packaging over the Internet, as the state investigation office in Koblenz announced. The authority expressly points out that the slimming pill is not allowed to be sold in Germany as an unapproved drug.

The side effects and interactions are very dangerous. One of the prohibited ingredients, sibutramine, can cause acute heart problems such as stumbling, rapid heartbeat, and even a heart attack. In combination with psychotropic drugs, the interactions can even be fatal. In addition, "Japan Hokkaido - Pill for weight reduction" contains the very likely carcinogenic phenolphthalein.

Asian slimming products are sold on the Internet More and more websites on the Internet are offering products that can be ordered quickly and easily with the click of a mouse. The range is also steadily increasing in the area of ​​pharmaceuticals, food supplements and nutrition. It is not always clear to the potential buyer whether the advertised goods are original products or inferior counterfeits. Unfortunately, the pills often contain substances with dangerous side effects.

Due to the prevailing anonymity, the Internet is an ideal platform for providers of dubious goods. Legislation is reaching its limits on the Internet because many of the dubious providers are located abroad or simply cannot be determined. (ag)

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