Medical knowledge for naturopaths

Medical knowledge for naturopaths

New editions of medical knowledge for naturopaths appeared

With the new textbook "Medicine for Alternative Practitioners", alternative practitioner candidates can prepare specifically for the official medical alternative practitioner examination. The complete examination knowledge is presented in 32 chapters in a compact and clear manner.

With this textbook, the authors want to create a comprehensive medical knowledge base and a basic understanding of how disease, diagnosis and healing correlate. Because even if naturopaths treat holistically, their work is based on medical knowledge of pathophysiology, pathoanatomy and the appearance of every condition.

With this textbook, non-medical practitioners can prepare themselves specifically for the official medical examination. In addition to the full range of exam material, the book therefore contains all written exam questions from the past twelve years. Text passages with content relevant to the exam are highlighted in color and can thus be recognized quickly and reliably at a glance.

In addition to the focus on exam preparation, this book contains the medical knowledge that is essential for the treatment of patients and which accompanies the naturopath through his daily practice. In order for the transfer of factual examination knowledge to comprehensive medical knowledge to succeed, there is the "alternative practitioner traffic light". It shows the prospective alternative practitioner which diseases he is allowed to treat and which ones he should definitely send to the doctor. I. Guillou, A. Schäffler, M. Escher (ed.) Medicine for alternative practitioners, Stuttgart: Haug Verlag 2012 (ISBN: 9783830474289)

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