Drug officers warn of media addiction

Drug officers warn of media addiction

Federal drug commissioner: More than half a million Germans suffer from internet addiction

Excessive Internet use is becoming an addiction for more and more people in Germany. The federal drug commissioner has therefore warned in a recent press release of the increasing media dependence. At tomorrow's annual conference of the drug officers, the "excessive and pathological use of computer games and the Internet" will be the main focus.

The attraction of social networks, online games and cybersex is simply too great for many people. According to "a first representative study, an estimated 560,000 people in Germany in the age group of 14-64 year olds in Germany are internet-dependent - with far-reaching social and health consequences", reports the federal drug commissioner Mechthild Dyckmans. According to the experts, media dependency manifests itself in, for example, neglecting social contacts, personal hygiene, nutrition and health. Therapeutic help should be sought if the relevant information is provided, because the affected persons themselves are no longer able to control their media use.

Excessive, pathological use of computer games and the Internet The Internet is now an integral part of professional and private life, but while "most people benefit from the advantages of the Internet, some show excessive usage behavior from which it is difficult to find out without outside help" , said the Federal Drugs Commissioner. Dyckmans intends to use this year's annual conference to provide detailed information on "the current developments and findings on excessive and pathological use of computer games and the Internet". The possibilities of prevention, advice and treatment should also be discussed. Advice centers and other initiatives have the opportunity to present their successful approaches to the interested specialist audience. But the positive opportunities that the Internet offers for prevention and counseling work should also be discussed. "The results of the conference will flow into my political work," said the Federal Drugs Commissioner. (fp)

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