Hypnosis Congress shows new approaches and methods

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International Hypnosis Congress in Bremen debates new research approaches and possible applications

Today, Wednesday, the 19th doctors, scientists, psychologists and experts from all over the world meet until Sunday to discuss new techniques and research results of hypnosis. According to the organizers, over 2,200 doctors, dentists and psychotherapists from almost 40 countries will participate.

Recognized therapy method Since 2006, hypnosis has been recognized by the scientific advisory council of psychotherapy as a therapeutic procedure through an expert opinion. However, because flash hypnosis on the show stages usually gives the wrong picture of the helpful form of therapy, many people are still very critical of hypnotherapy. Because on the stage and on television mostly willless people are shown, who hypnotize, for example, imitate animals or perform actions that they reveal to ridicule. "But hypnosis is a very old procedure that is used for healing purposes in many cultures", the organizers of the congress explain. In addition, hypnosis has "developed into a modern technology that has been scientifically evaluated in many studies". Today it is one of the recognized therapeutic and healing methods in conventional medicine.

300 speakers from 33 countries are invited. This makes the congress the largest in its field. The Milton-Erickson Society for Clinical Hypnosis invited. Over five days, participants will learn more about new techniques, research work and possible applications. Workshops, classic lectures and panel discussions are planned for this.

Hypnosis in dentistry
Co-organizer Albrecht Schmierer reports that hypnosis is increasingly being used in anxiety patients in dental surgeries. Hypnosis proves to be "a quick and effective aid to relieve anxiety". That is why some seminars are devoted specifically to this topic, because a great many people feel real fears before the treatments at the dentist. Other fears such as the fear of exams, stage fright or phobias about medical examinations are also topics of the event.

Effective therapy for anxiety
Up to two million people in Germany suffer from anxiety symptoms, reports Paul Janouch, who will speak at the conference "Hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders" during the congress. However, Janouch's hypnosis therapy does not want to revise negative behaviors, but rather sees and uses the symptoms as a resource for the patient. The expert therefore wants to present the new process in a seminar.

During hypnosis, the patient is placed in a trance-like state. This allows access to the subconscious and to unconscious resources. According to the organizer Bernhard Trenkle, people have the ability to pay full attention to the inside. During the hypnotic state, undiscovered potential, forgotten skills and self-healing powers can be discovered and finally activated.

Changed body experience during hypnosis
In hypnosis there is an altered experience of the body. At the beginning, the eyelids typically flicker and movements of the closed eyes can become visible. Hypnotized people report that they usually feel lighter, heavier or stiff while in a trance-like state. It is not uncommon for the arms or legs to move involuntarily. Patients report that the feeling of fear and pain subsides and that tingling on different extremities is often felt.

Further topics of the events are the use of hypnosis in medicine, for sleep disorders, depression, smoking cessation, for mental support during sport and in child and adolescent psychotherapy. Hypnosis can also be helpful in couples therapy, chronic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorder and in preparation for childbirth.

For the first time in ten years, the worldwide hypnosis congress is taking place in Germany again. The organizer is the International Hypnosis Society. (sb)

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