Annual program homeopathy 2013

Annual program homeopathy 2013

Whether homeopathy is used as a complement or as an alternative to conventional medicine depends on the conventional medical and homeopathic training, experience, knowledge of medication and methodological safety of the doctor. The DZVhÄ's 2013 annual program of Medical Homeopathy now bundles the entire high-quality range of further medical education and training, advanced training and supervision for the field of homeopathy. The 116-page annual program is also aimed at dentists and veterinarians, pharmacists and students. The DZVhÄ thus offers its members and especially beginners in homeopathy the best prerequisites for learning homeopathy with a concept and deepening it permanently through further training.

The - mostly international - working groups are presented in the editorial part of the annual program, which work on the homeopathic materia medica with different concepts. The main actors present their work in interviews.

A lot of useful information and tips about homeopathic practice and an overview of the structures of the DZVhÄ and its fields of work complete the booklet. In an interview, the chairmen of the DZVhÄ, the doctors Cornelia Bajic and Silvia Nuvoloni-Buhl explain the goals of the association. The oldest medical association in the country is now a modern professional association that takes care of a wide range of professional interest representation tasks.

You can find further information on the additional title of homeopathy, the homeopathy diploma of the DZVhÄ and the continuous further training on the DZVhÄ website in the area of ​​doctors. The booklet can also be downloaded here. You can also order the annual program "Medical Homeopathy 2013" free of charge. Send your order by fax to the DZVhÄ office, Am Hofgarten 5, 53113 Bonn, Fax 0228 24 25 331.

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