Is sage suitable for weaning?

Is sage suitable for weaning?

Sage extract also suitable for weaning?

Sage leaves have proven particularly useful for inflammation of the mouth and throat. Sage preparations are traditionally used in naturopathy to prevent excessive sweating. According to the results of a recent study, sage is apparently also suitable for primary weaning in women who have recently given birth.

If young mothers have to stop breastfeeding in the first six weeks after childbirth, they are currently mostly prescribed cabergoline. This is an alkaloid derived from ergot that can cause serious undesirable side effects when used for a long time. Even with a short application, as is customary when weaning, about one in ten patients experience undesirable side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea or even nerve disorders. That is why obstetricians are constantly looking for alternatives that can effectively prevent milk from being injected. Such a possibility could be a preparation from sage leaves.

A team from the Hochtaunus Clinics, Bad Homburg, carried out a prospective, controlled study with 32 women who had recently given birth - 18 patients received cabergoline, 14 received the herbal medicinal product - in which the effectiveness of the herbal preparation was compared to that of cabergoline (Gynecol Obstet (2012 ) 286 (Suppl 1): S 49 - S 279).

The evaluation of the results showed that after taking cabergoline, all women failed to milk, but eight of them complained about side effects such as dizziness and headache. Despite the herbal remedy, 12 patients in the sage group had milk injections. Four of them suffered from related complaints.

Interestingly, a slightly different picture emerged three weeks later. Six women from the Cabergolin group were given milk at home afterwards, four with related complaints. The sage group also occasionally showed milk flow in eight women, but only one of them complained about symptoms. The patient's assessment in favor of the sage group was accordingly clear. Only one patient was restricted or not satisfied with the herbal medicinal product; in the cabergoline group, there were eight patients. The difference was statistically significant. (kfn)

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