Gut germs in every third meat sample

Gut germs in every third meat sample

In every third meat sample, intestinal germs were found in a test

It is not uncommon for supermarkets and butchers to offer meat “at the edge of shelf life”, which is only conditionally marketable, reports the broadcaster “NDR”. The consumer and business magazine "Markt" has found significant contamination of the meat with samples in northern German supermarkets, according to the current announcement of the "NDR". The show will be broadcast tonight at 8.15 p.m.

As early as September, “Markt” had already found considerable germ contamination in minced meat from supermarkets. Now the magazine has “randomly bought turkey schnitzel, goulash and beer ham in supermarkets and meat shops in Hamburg, Kiel and Oldenburg and had it examined in a food institute,” reports the “NDR”. The food institute KIN found a significantly increased total number of bacteria in seven of 18 samples. The meat was no longer fresh. "In addition, intestinal bacteria were detected, which can be attributed to poor hygiene," said the "NDR".

Both the meat from supermarkets and the samples from the butcher were found to have an increased bacterial load. “Consumers should have eaten the ham, goulash or turkey schnitzel on the day of purchase. At home in the fridge, these products have lost nothing, ”complained Michael Benner, head of quality assurance at the KIN food institute. The expert blamed "lack of hygiene" for the contamination of six samples with intestinal bacteria and explained: "This is often due to the lack of hygiene among the staff." becomes. In this case, complaints such as massive abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting threaten.

Meat shops hardly better than supermarkets
The samples of the NDR consumer magazine not only showed that the meat in the butchers is hardly better than in the supermarkets, but also showed that supermarkets were surprisingly often more expensive than the butchers in terms of prices. With regard to the bacterial load, the current study shows that overall, more careful handling of meat products is required. It seems reasonable to hand over meat that has to be processed the same day to customers instead of disposing of it. However, a corresponding note must be provided in any case and the price should be adjusted. (fp)

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