Yoga for breast cancer healing

Yoga for breast cancer healing

Yoga for the healing of breast cancer: A new initiative supports KOMEN Germany in the early detection of breast cancer

On Sunday, January 20, 2013, yoga classes begin at 2 p.m. between Starnberg and Stralsund, which not only serve the classic New Year's resolution, to do more sports and reduce stress. In the first Germany-wide yoga class "Yoga for the Cure", participants in about 60 studios simultaneously provide information about breast cancer. The coaches waived their fees, and the participants donated a contribution that 100 percent went to the non-profit association for the healing of breast cancer KOMEN Germany.

"Yoga for the Cure" is an initiative of the Offenbach yoga teacher Stefanie Ebenfeld, who had breast cancer in 2011, and her colleague Ramona Lauer. Stefanie Ebenfeld was able to draw a lot of strength from yoga in the exhausting aftercare. After experiencing at the Frankfurt "Race for the Cure" in September how the charity run raised public awareness of breast cancer and at the same time supported sick people, she implemented the experience with Ramona Lauer in the project "Yoga for the Cure". "We want to show affected women and their families that yoga can courageously deal with the disease, never give up and always see their own inner strength as part of the healing process," she says. Non-affected people are also invited to the yoga class on January 20, who want to do something good for themselves through exercise and relaxation and others through donations for early detection and at the same time keep in the public awareness that around 72,000 women and 500 men are newly diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

The participants can expect a wide range of physical and mental exercises from Asian health education, from hatha yoga for beginners to more dynamic variants such as power yoga, ashtanga or vinyasa. "We are particularly pleased that some health insurance companies such as BKK Advita or Schwenninger Krankenkasse support our initiative and point out risk reduction and aftercare with yoga on their homepages," says Ramona Lauer.

With the proceeds, KOMEN Deutschland will inform employees in companies about the early detection of breast cancer and show ways of minimizing the risk of breast cancer. Participants in the nationwide benefit yoga class also receive information from KOMEN Germany in the studios, for example with the early detection card.

The participating studios are spread across the entire Republic. The focus region is Rheinmain, but "Yoga for the Cure" is also offered in Munich, Hamburg or Berlin. Addresses and further information can be found at

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