General practitioners are calling for a ban on homeopathy for health insurers

General practitioners are calling for a ban on homeopathy for health insurers

Bavarian Association of General Practitioners Calls for Homeopathy Ban on Health Insurance Funds

According to a message from the Medical Intelligence Service, the chairman of the Bavarian General Medical Association (BHÄV), Dieter Geis, is calling for a ban on homeopathy for statutory health insurers. "Autologous blood therapy, homeopathy, osteopathy: Instead of spending the money on medical care, more and more health insurers are trying to attract healthy insured persons with sometimes questionable alternative healing methods," criticized the BHÄV in the report. "A scandalous situation, which politicians and the competent authorities should finally put a stop to," Geis demands.

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) and its state association Bavaria criticize "the populist statements of the BHÄV and its chairman Geis". Finally, in §§ 2, 34 SGB V, the legislative decision was made that "homeopathy is recognized as a special form of therapy as a health insurance benefit".

For good reason, the management company of the DZVhÄ holds selective contracts for homeopathy with about 50 percent of the statutory health insurance companies, which are access and quality controlled. As a result, homeopathy is practiced according to a defined service description by doctors who, like every contract doctor, have a conventional medical education and specialist qualification and have also qualified in a multi-year training course in single-agent homeopathy. As in other disciplines of contract medical care, continuous training is required and checked in these contracts.

Contrary to repeated claims like prayer wheels, there are high quality studies showing the effectiveness of homeopathy. Others, including in the area of ​​health services research, are being planned. About 5 percent of the general practitioners in Bavaria are active members of the DZVhÄ, in addition there are other general practitioners participating in the homeopathy contracts. Lots
According to this statement from the BHÄV, these colleagues no longer feel that they are respected and represented by colleagues. (sb, pm)

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