Climbing stairs for a healthy heart

Climbing stairs for a healthy heart

40 stair floors a week strengthen heart health

At the beginning of the new year, many people make a firm commitment to want to exercise more, because exercise is very important for a healthy heart. But to do something for your health, you don't need top physical performance - instead, "even small, moderate movements can have very positive effects on heart health," says Professor Ingo Froböse of the German Sport University in Cologne.

The heart is stimulated by physical activity and has to perform better - which is more and more a matter of course as soon as regular training is carried out. The result: "The heart rate drops, the heart becomes stronger."

Regularity and moderate activity important According to the sports scientist, the regularity of the training is particularly important in order to optimally strengthen heart health. In addition, care should be taken to ensure moderate activity with a combination of endurance and strength - according to Professor Froböse, Nordic walking, swimming or cycling would be particularly suitable.

Climbing the stairs strengthens the heart and trains the muscles. However, in addition to these healthy "classics", the experts have found that a completely different form of movement is the ideal option for moderate endurance training: climbing the stairs - because "this movement exceeds and supports the everyday stress on the cardiovascular system this. At the same time, it trains the muscles extremely well, ”says Froböse.

And it is not only a sensible exercise to climb stairs, but also the way down is not without effect: “The strain on the body when climbing or descending stairs is not fundamentally different. While most of the muscles work during the ascent, especially the thigh and gluteal muscles, there is an additional stretch when descending. The lower leg muscles are also intensively involved, ”explains Froböse.

40 floors per week for effective training In order to optimally strengthen the heart and circulation and keep them healthy, the sports scientist recommends climbing 40 floors a week, the equivalent of about six floors a day, "a workload that is particularly suitable for older people, because it can be implemented well in everyday life. "Hence the tip of the professor:" If you simply use stairs instead of elevator, the 40 floors will be reached quickly. "(sb)

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