Experts warn of flu and the Noro virus

Experts warn of flu and the Noro virus

Germany is facing a severe wave of flu

Scientists warn: The first wave of flu is on its way - and a little earlier than last year, according to a message from the Institute for Tropical Medicine and Infectiology at the University Hospital Rostock.

Many people are already adequately protected through vaccination
The information provided by the director of the institute, Prof. Dr. med. Emil C. Reisinger, according to the so-called "swine flu virus" H1N1, which has been prevalent worldwide for five years, circulate again over Germany. But a large proportion of the population is now protected against the virus, because "many people have already gone through the disease, and a large number have been vaccinated," said Reisinger.

Vaccination most effective protection against infection
According to Reisinger, the flu vaccination is still the safest protection against infection, although this would be particularly recommended for some groups of people: older people over 60 years of age, pregnant women from the fourth month, children, adolescents and adults with chronic respiratory diseases as well as people with a lot of public traffic take this precautionary measure, as an illness could be associated with serious risks.

But protection, according to Reisinger, "only works with regular flu vaccinations," and cannot be guaranteed, because "if another virus strain becomes established or a new virus occurs through point mutations or other genetic changes, the situation can also change change quickly, ”continued the doctor.

Experts also warn of the Noro virus: a new variant is currently rampant in Rostock
At the same time, the doctor warns of the spread of the norovirus, which has been responsible for around 50% of serious gastrointestinal infections in winter over the past ten years. According to Emil Reisinger, the noroviruses could change their genetic material - just like the flu virus - again and again: "This is why new variants are constantly being created that are easily transmitted," continues Reisinger.

According to the Institute for Tropical Medicine and Infectiology, there is currently an aggressive gastrointestinal flu in Rostock - the causative agent in this case is a new variation of the norovirus, the so-called "Sydney 2012 virus" Reisinger's information. However, according to the experts, the occurrence of the virus is not only limited to the north - the "Sydney 2012 virus" would also be rampant in other parts of Germany - however, how many cases there are currently is not yet known.

Infection initially showed up with vomiting, watery diarrhea, cramps and nausea and would primarily affect toddlers up to 5 years old and the elderly. Due to a high density of vulnerable groups of people, there may be epidemics on ships, as well as in children's and old people's homes, according to the doctor. In most cases, however, according to Reisinger, an end to the complaints is in sight after 12 to 60 hours, until then the sick people are usually admitted to hospital and isolated: "Patients are given fluids to stabilize their circulation" because "who has too much water." loses the risk of a circulatory collapse and kidney failure, ”says the expert. (sb)

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