Dangerous corona virus in the UK

Dangerous corona virus in the UK

Coronavirus detected in the UK is transferable from person to person

In the UK, infection with the new coronavirus "NCoV" was again detected. Similar corona viruses were also the cause of the SARS pandemic in 2002 and 2003. The current detection of the dangerous corona viruses assumes that the pathogens have been transmitted within the UK, since the person concerned has not spent any time abroad in the past few months, the UK said Health Protection Agency (HPA). For the first time, a human-to-human transmission has also been confirmed for the novel pathogen.

The British authorities were alarmed by the renewed detection of the novel corona virus. The infection was found in a family member of previously ill people on Monday. This has increased the number of infections with the dangerous corona virus registered worldwide to a total of eleven, three of which concerned people in Great Britain. The sick person is currently undergoing intensive care at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, according to the HPA. Professor John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases department at the HPA, said evidence of "novel coronavirus infection in a person without a previous trip to the Middle East shows that human-to-human transmission has occurred in the UK."

First transmission of the novel pathogens in Great Britain According to the British health authority, all patients who have previously been diagnosed with the novel corona virus in Great Britain were infected during a trip abroad to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Qatar. The HPA reports that the 60-year-old man, from whom another family member has now apparently been infected, was previously in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The infection of the family member, who is now also affected, was presumably favored by his previous illness and his already weakened immune system. Nevertheless, the "interpersonal transmission is quite surprising since it was not previously known that the novel pathogens can be passed on from person to person," reports the British health authority.

Infections with the novel coronaviruses are often fatal The current evidence of the novel coronavirus provides "strong evidence for human-to-human transmission, whereby the risk of infection is still rated as very low in most cases," the announcement of HPA. Because if the new corona virus were highly infectious, a significantly larger number of people would have been diagnosed than has been observed in the past three months since the first proof of infection, according to the experts. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised, as the SARS pandemic made clear about the epidemiological potential of coronaviruses around ten years ago. At the time, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 800 people had died of the consequences of a SARS infection. According to the experts, what is particularly critical is the high mortality rate from current coronavirus infections. According to the HPA, five have died of the eleven patients who have been shown to have contracted the novel coronavirus NCoV.

Spread of the new coronaviruses under surveillance Not only the World Health Organization and the HPA advise careful monitoring of their spread due to the risk that the mutated coronaviruses can pose. The national health authorities have been called on by the WHO to closely monitor the occurrence of severe acute respiratory diseases. Unusual distribution patterns are "urgently to be examined in detail". Coronavirus testing should definitely be performed on patients who develop severe pneumonia or other serious respiratory diseases for no apparent reason, the WHO and HPA agreed. However, the UK health authority stressed "considering the recent case that the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus remains very low for the UK population."

Signs of infection with the new coronaviruses In addition to inflammation of the respiratory tract or both lungs, general symptoms such as high fever, cough, shortness of breath, limb pain and headache are mentioned as signs of infection with the new coronavirus. In view of the extremely low global spread of the novel corona viruses, the risk of infection has so far been extremely low. According to the HPA, this has also been confirmed in the low transmission rate in the area of ​​already ill patients. (fp)

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