With homeopathy to catch the insured?

With homeopathy to catch the insured?

Since this year, the AOK Bremen / Bremerhaven and the AOK Lower Saxony have offered their insureds homeopathy as a statutory benefit. "The homeopathic anamnesis and the homeopathic follow-up treatment are reimbursed, provided that these are provided by contracted physicians with the additional qualification homeopathy", says the AOK website. In addition, the costs of homeopathic medicines will be reimbursed if they have been prescribed by a contract doctor with the additional qualification homeopathy on a private prescription.

However, these benefits are capped. The insured will be reimbursed the actual costs of 80 percent per invoice, but only up to a maximum of 250 euros per calendar year. The insured at AOK Lower Saxony should take a close look, because the statutes - and only there - state that this benefit ends on December 31, 2013. Upon request, the DZVhÄ learned that if the financial situation remained good, this service would also be reimbursed in 2014. The situation is different at the AOK Bremen / Bremerhaven, where the service continues beyond 2013.

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) welcomes the openness of the AOKs to homeopathy, but DZVhÄ chairwoman Cornelia Bajic criticizes the organization of the services: “The limitation to the first and follow-up anamnesis and the reimbursement of 250 euros a year is half-hearted, the insured pay for it. ”In the selective contracts of the DZVhÄ management company - currently with around 90 statutory health insurers - the therapeutic spectrum of homeopathic treatment is realistically depicted. These benefits are also free of charge for the insured.

Since patients are often complex chronically ill people, the DZVhÄ suggested that only doctors with the Homeopathy diploma of the DZVhÄ or a comparable qualification. The diploma includes a much more intensive training than the additional designation and obliges the owners to continuous further training. The DZVhÄ also recommended that the reimbursement of the benefit should not be based on the approval status of the doctor, but only on his training. Paragraph 11 (6) of the GKV supply structure law expressly permits the assumption of costs of quality-assured services by non-approved service providers - i.e. private doctors. (pm)

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