Study: Every fourth child feels too fat

Study: Every fourth child feels too fat

Subjective experience? Every fourth child says I'm too fat

Nowadays children feel “too fat” at a young age. At least that was the result of a survey study that was carried out in Germany among children and adolescents from various school types. However, about two thirds of the students surveyed also said, "My weight is just right".

25 percent of children say they are overweight
Every fourth child in Germany says "I'm too fat!". One in three children also said they had already tried to reduce their body weight with a diet. This was the result of a study that was presented on Wednesday in Berlin on behalf of the building societies of the LBS West Group. According to the authors, around 10,000 boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14 were interviewed for the representative survey as part of the “LBS Children's Barometer”.

The results in detail: Two thirds of the children said, "My weight is just right". Eight percent of the students said, "I feel too thin." An evaluation of the extent to which objectivity and subjective impression match did not take place during the course of the study. "The actual weight of the survey participants was deliberately not queried," as a spokesman for the LBS said.

Every 20th child under the age of 14 has already considered liposuction. “When children see the only way to feel comfortable in their skin in such a radical step, that's more than worrying. Satisfaction with one's own body influences children's wellbeing in all areas of life, ”reports one of the authors, Christian Schröder.

Most children are active in sports
Other survey points were exercise and healthy eating. Around 75 percent of nine to eleven year olds do sports several times a week. Another 14 percent of those surveyed did sporting activities at least once a week. The most popular were cycling or skating. Four out of five children surveyed do sports in a club. 71 percent of children feel good or very good in their family. However, nine percent of the children said that they do not feel good in the family. After protection from violence, drugs and the right to play, many children say in fourth place that contact with parents is one of the most important children's rights.

After protection against violence and drugs and the right to undisturbed play, contact with both parents is ranked fourth in the most important children's rights.

Since taking office, Federal Family Minister Kristina Schröder (CDU) has been the patron of the children's barometer. Since 1997, up to 10,000 children between the ages of 9 and 11 have been regularly asked every two years on the topics of social environment, leisure activities, family, school, living environment and events in politics. The pollsters visit all types of school children in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 using questionnaires. (Sb)

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