3sat reports on homeopathy

3sat reports on homeopathy

The television station 3sat reports in detail about homeopathy and asks: cure or humbug?

It is the most popular alternative healing method in Germany - and it is controversial: homeopathy. Every second patient in Germany has already taken homeopathic remedies, about every 40th doctor in Germany already has additional homeopathic training. There are also countless alternative practitioners who also treat homeopathically. Next Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 8:15 p.m., the 3sat broadcaster will dedicate itself to the topic of homeopathy during the best TV viewing time. However, the announcement does not suggest anything good.

The tenor of the announcement is already thinking. There is talk of a huge business with homeopathic medicines. Accordingly, the expenditure in Germany for homeopathic therapy would be 400 million euros per year, which is quite true. It is concealed that the sales for all drugs in the special therapeutic directions do not even make up 1.5% of the total drug sales. Accordingly, the giant business is apparently taking place elsewhere. It remains to be seen whether the makers of the program will also address this. The science documentary focuses on the alternative healing method and asks: healing or humbug? And we ask and eagerly: Humbug or finally reasonably researching journalism? (pm)

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