200,000 tablets seized by customs

200,000 tablets seized by customs

Internet retailers are accused of violating the drug law

Over the past few months, there have been repeated warnings about the availability of questionable dietary products, anti-aging products and other dietary supplements on the Internet. Beneficial effects usually only appear on the seller's side or on their account. A charm that apparently a 39-year-old man from Hesse succumbed to. During a search of the internet retailer, the customs discovered 200,000 tablets of medicinal products not approved in this country. The accused is accused of violating the Medicinal Products Act.

The 39-year-old allegedly had offered the medicines as a dietary supplement through three online shops. According to the customs authorities, the domains have now been blocked. A large part of the found drugs are preparations from the USA with the active ingredients melatonin and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which are sold with the promise of an anti-aging effect. In addition to the violation of the drug law, the internet retailer is also accused of tax evasion.

270,000 pills and capsules already sold The business with the alleged dietary supplements apparently went quite well. Customs assume that 270,000 capsules and tablets have already been sold through the accused's portals. Around 5,000 invoices have been found and are still to be evaluated. The preparations originally from the USA were apparently introduced with the help of a 67-year-old accomplice from the Netherlands. So far, the risks to which the customers may have been exposed have not been conclusively explained.

Warning of counterfeit medicines on the Internet Just a week ago, the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM) had pointed out the risks of internet trade in medicines and potentially health-promoting substances. Around half of the medicines on offer are fakes and many of the fakes contain substances that are hazardous to health, according to the DGIM statement. The experts attributed the growing supply on the Internet to the extreme profit margin for counterfeit medicines. This is significantly higher than for illegal drugs. According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), counterfeit medicines are all preparations whose identity or origin has been deliberately mislabeled, as was evidently the case with the current anti-aging preparations. (fp)

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