Most work accidents occur on Mondays

Most work accidents occur on Mondays

Statistically, most accidents happen on Mondays

A statistical evaluation by the professional association for health service and welfare care found that most work accidents happen on Mondays. The lowest number of accidents occur on weekends. Probably because here most people suffer less from time pressure and stress.

Most work and commuting accidents occur right at the beginning of the week on Monday. This is shown by current analyzes by the professional association for health service and welfare (BGW), the statutory accident insurance for over seven million people in health, social and so-called beauty professions.

Be alert on Mondays
That means "be particularly vigilant on Monday". Apparently, many people who work have starting difficulties at the start of the week. Compared to the other days of the week, most accidents occur on Mondays. The evaluation of the trade association for 2012 showed that around 12,500 accidents occurred on assembly. "From Tuesday, the numbers dropped from weekday to weekday," reports Albrecht Liese, head of prevention services at BGW. “At the end of the working week, on Friday, there were just under 9,900 accidents. And at the weekend, when fewer people work, the numbers were significantly lower. "

The way to work on assemblies is more dangerous for workers than on other days. These are also called "commuting accidents" in the insurance industry. Those happened mostly on Mondays. "Here, too, Monday led the statistics in 2012," explains Albrecht Liese. "This is certainly also due to the fact that on Monday many weekend commuters spend longer distances on the street."

Prepare on Sunday evening
The BGW prevention manager advises that employees should "be careful at the beginning of the week". For example, employees could prepare themselves on Sunday evening and find out about the weather conditions on the following day on the Internet. "On Monday it is advisable to leave home early without hurry". This significantly increases security and also helps to start the week on Monday more relaxed.

Reason unknown
Why more accidents happen on Mondays is still unclear. "But it could be that there are simply more people working on Monday than on a Friday," said a spokeswoman for the umbrella organization for professional associations, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). The qualified psychologist Elke Hannauer says: "It is likely that on Monday people will increasingly suffer from stress symptoms because they have to adjust to everyday work again". By the way, according to statistics from the Techniker Krankenkasse, most broken bones occur in January. The reason for this is clearly the smooth road conditions and winter sports. (sb)

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