Brain region slows down aging

Brain region slows down aging

A brain region can apparently affect the aging process

New York scientists were able to identify a region in the human brain that affects, among other things, the aging process. By injecting a protein into the mice, the researchers were able to slow their aging process by around 20 percent.

"Who wants to live forever" "Who wants to live forever" asked the rock band Queen in one of her hits. Nobody would ever strive for eternal life, but a prolonged boyhood should please many. In addition to human DNA, the key could also be in the brain. Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York have discovered a region in the brain that affects the aging process in mice. This region lies in the hypothalamus, a section of the midbrain. This brain region can be blocked by an injection of the protein nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells and by the hormone GnRH. In the corresponding experiments, the aging process in mice was slowed down by about 20 percent. Study author Dongsheng Cai, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, said: "Our study supports international strategies to slow aging by affecting the hypothalamus." the metabolism. Scientists therefore find it conceivable that this brain region has an impact on the process of aging.

Slower aging also possible in humans?
The researchers are still unclear as to whether the test results obtained from mice can also be transferred to the human brain. However, a pioneering step in medicine would be taken in this case. With the hormone GnRH, the scientists were not only able to slow down the aging of the cells, but also to prevent the degradation of cognitive abilities, i.e. mental perception. However, the researchers do not yet know exactly how the aging process works in humans and animals. However, it is assumed that various processes in the body interact. Years ago, American scientists were able to identify human genes that affect the rate of aging. In any case, the new findings can help to better understand the process of aging. Even if aging cannot be stopped, a healthy lifestyle can help you to stay healthy and fit often into old age. (sb)

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