Researcher thinks: eating pope is healthy

Researcher thinks: eating pope is healthy

Study is to prove positive effects of nose drilling

The so-called popel is said to be healthy, at least that's what the researcher Professor Scott Napper from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada claims. He wants to undertake an unusual study with his colleagues and to support this claim. This not entirely appetizing research work is supposed to prove that the drilling and subsequent consumption of nasal secretions is a natural process and thus represents immune protection.

In cars at the traffic lights, many people feel unobserved and start to bite their noses. But "popling" as the vernacular refers to the removal of dried nasal mucosa is viewed in Western and very large parts of Far Eastern society as not immoral and unsanitary. Nevertheless, most people pop, just like all people pop. The Canadian scientist Napper is convinced that popling has a positive effect and should therefore not be demonized. "However," emphasizes the biochemist, "simply removing the dried secretions with your hands is not enough; you have to eat the popel afterwards".

Eating Popel stimulates the immune system
A not very pleasant idea for many. But: The Popel contains many viruses and bacteria that our immune system should train, according to the theory of the professor. Everything is ready for the study, only the test subjects are missing. It is still uncertain whether many participants will actually register. Because for the study, all participants are supposed to drill and pop in the nose in public perception. In addition, at the beginning of the study, the participants did not know whether they were the "populists" or were coming into the control group.

The study is not intended to be a nonsense study, the serious scientist insists. In his opinion, "Popeln is a natural vaccination against all kinds of pathogens". It is "completely normal for children to drill their noses and eat the secretions". He believes that there is a “natural urge” behind it and that is why people also bite their noses and consume popels.

Snorting the secretions into a handkerchief deprives the body of the opportunity to take advantage of natural immune protection and form antibodies, Napper emphasizes. The study is now intended to confirm this thesis or just to show that nose drilling has no deeper meaning at all.

One thing is already certain: eating popels is not unhealthy
But it is already clear that populating is completely harmless. Although there is a small risk of hurting the nasal wall with your finger, more than a small nosebleed usually does not follow. To reduce the risk of inflammation, hands should be washed before popping.

Actually, the nasal secretions should drain off into the throat independently. But if too much time passes by or the nose is exposed to particularly dry air, the secretion dries and the well-known populas form. (sb)

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