More mental illness due to work stress

More mental illness due to work stress

Pressure to perform and stress cause more absenteeism in the workplace

Stress, pressure to perform and constant availability are causing more and more mental suffering among employees. This is based on a small evaluation by the statutory health insurance company KKH. With the help of in-house patient data, the health insurance company carried out an examination. Mental illnesses will soon be "the number one widespread disease," reports Ingo Kailuweit, head of the cash register, in view of the results of the study.

Mental illnesses on the way to widespread illness An analysis of health insurance membership data revealed that mental illnesses among workers are increasing significantly. According to the commercial health insurance company (KKH), sales in the workplace in the past year were missing on average 43.6 days due to psychological problems in the wholesale and retail trade. In health and social services such as nursing staff in clinics or geriatric care facilities, workers were on average 40.7 days short in 2013. "Mental illnesses could become the number one widespread disease in a few years," KKH boss Ingo Kailuweit told the newspaper "Bild". “Pressure to succeed and constant availability are a long-term danger to health. We have to take countermeasures with employers. ”

Constant availability is harmful to the psyche. Permanent availability via service cell phone and email is already standard in many industries today. The increase in mental illnesses such as depression are justified precisely because of this permanent work ethic. And that regardless of the industry, as the Federal Statistical Office recently confirmed. According to an evaluation by the federal authority, around 59.1 percent of employees stated in a survey that they "have to work at atypical times". This includes overtime, work on weekends and on-call duty in continuous use.

The German Confederation of Trade Unions calculated that there is a massive workload in many areas of work today. Around 63 percent of employees in Germany today would have to perform more in the same working hours than a few years ago. Over 50 percent also said they worked 45 hours a week or more. 72 percent even said they work an average of 15 overtime hours a week.

Every eighth sick day due to mental suffering According to an analysis by the company health insurance (BKK), the increase in mental suffering continues. "Every eighth day of illness is attributable to mental disorders," says the study. In the previous year, the injured were still on sick leave for 178 days, a year later it was 213 days for every 100 health insurance fund members. Sickness reports due to mental illness also take the longest at 37 sick days. For men alone, sick days rose by 20 percent compared to the same period last year. The increase was only marginally weaker for women at 18 percent. (sb)

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