Light fare instead of currywurst for hikers

Light fare instead of currywurst for hikers

Currywurst and pizza reduce the condition of hikers

Hiking is one of the most popular leisure activities for Germans. As soon as spring is coming, you can hardly wait to pack your hiking backpack. As the DRK mountain rescue service in Berlin informs, hikers should pay particular attention to light food and plenty of fluids. High-fat food such as currywurst and fries can quickly reduce your condition.

For hikers Vegetables and potatoes instead of currywurst and pizza Hiking is exhausting and demands a lot from the body - depending on the route chosen. Therefore, hikers should not only pay attention to sufficient fluids, but also to light, healthy food. Those who feast too heavily on currywurst or pizza must expect an uncomfortable feeling of fullness in the stomach and a reduced condition. The DRK-Bergwacht therefore recommends a good start to the hiking day with muesli, fruit, yoghurt or whole grain bread with honey or cold cuts. During the lunch break, vegetables and potatoes or other carbohydrate suppliers such as rice or pasta are suitable. If you have an appetite in between, it is best to resort to fruit, granola bars or bread.

According to the German Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service, adults should consume at least two liters of liquid on a full-day hike. For children, even one and a half to two times the amount is recommended. However, hikers should avoid undiluted juices and lemonades. In addition to mineral water, apple spritzers and herbal or fruit teas are more suitable. Even if a visit to a rest stop is planned in between, "You should always have a liter of water per person as an emergency ration," advises the DRK mountain rescue service.

Small emergency equipment is also part of every hiking tour. This includes a first aid kit consisting of plasters, dressing packs, elastic bandages, disinfectants, scissors, tweezers and personal medication. To protect injuries from hypothermia, a rescue blanket should also be included.

Last but not least, a garbage bag belongs in the hiking rucksack to transport plastic bottles and other garbage back to the next location, where the waste can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hikers should pay attention to sun protection in addition to light food. Even if the temperatures in the valley are not yet summery, hikers should ensure adequate sun protection. Because the higher the mountain, the more aggressive the sun's rays. Even when it is cloudy, especially children with sunscreen with a high sun protection factor of at least 20 should be applied. If you are traveling in the mountains, you should never do without a sun hat and sunglasses.

Comfortable clothing and sturdy, already worn shoes are mandatory on every hike. The DRK mountain rescue service advises on the so-called “onion principle”: several layers of clothing can be taken off or put on as required. Two thin pairs of socks should help to prevent blisters on the feet, so that the friction does not arise between the skin and sock but between the two sock layers.

When hiking with children, pay attention to an appropriate hiking route. When hiking in the mountains, the day of arrival should not begin with an extended tour. Because the body needs time to get used to the changed climate at altitude. On the second day, hikers should also opt for a moderate hike, such as a tour of the valley. Anyone who hikes with children has to pay attention to appropriate hiking routes, according to the DRK mountain rescue service. Overly ambitious milestones often have a demotivating effect on children. In addition, there is the highest risk of accidents due to self-overestimation. The slowest participant should always set the pace. The duration of a hike specified in hiking guides usually does not apply to children. Families should therefore plan at least twice the time for a tour. (ag)

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