Action week: "Alcohol? Less is better!"

Action week:

Action week "Alcohol? Less is better! ”Starts on Monday

The nationwide campaign week “Alcohol? Less is better!". This unique campaign aims to draw attention to a problem that is often taboo and played down by many. According to the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS), around 8.5 million people in Germany consume alcohol “in a risky way”. 1.3 million people are addicted and in need of treatment.

Motto "Alcohol? Less is better! ”For a problem-conscious handling of alcohol Health Senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD) will organize the week of action under the motto“ Alcohol? Less is better! ” This was announced by the Hamburg State Office for Addiction Issues on Friday, which coordinates more than 40 actions by advice centers, specialist clinics, addiction prevention, self-help groups and addiction help. "In 2013, the goal and motto 'Alcohol? Less is better! ’To be publicized and to reach people in Germany with a personal approach in their different areas of life,” says the regional office.

As reported by the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS), “around 8.5 million people, almost every fifth man and every seventh woman, would consume alcohol in a risky way” in Germany. "1.3 million people are dependent on it and are therefore in need of treatment." DHS Managing Director Dr. Raphael Gassmann praised the campaign: "The campaign week is an exceptional sign of voluntary and voluntary work, citizen participation and self-help." Many organizers would repeatedly participate in the campaign week with great commitment.

During the campaign week from May 25 to June 2, 2013, events on the subject of alcohol and alcohol abuse take place for the fourth time in Germany. (ag)

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