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Sex can help with migraines

Sex can help with migraines

Study: Sex can also help with a migraine

Darling, I have migraines. So or something like that is a clichéd excuse for sexual discomfort. However, sex can relieve headaches, reports the "pharmacy survey."

Sex during migraine attack For many people who suffer from migraines, it sounds ironic what the "Apotheken-Umschau", citing neurologists from the University Hospital of Münster, reports: "Migraines: sex can obviously help against the pain attacks." Eight million people suffer from migraines, especially many women. The causes of the disease are varied. Headaches are actually more of an inhibiting pleasure, and yet sex can alleviate the symptoms in some migraine sufferers. More than 300 patients were interviewed for the study. A third of them said they had sex during a migraine attack. In 60 percent, this relieved their headaches. However, 33 percent subsequently complained of more severe complaints.

Therapy alone or in pairs The survey of patients with cluster headache, that is, headache with extreme pain attacks, showed that only 37 percent of them experienced an improvement after sex. Half of them were even worse after that. The scientists at the University of Münster also believed that "it doesn't matter whether the act is performed with a partner or the therapy is carried out by masturbation itself." According to the survey, the men generally benefited more from the pain-relieving effect. However, the doctors do not want to over-interpret the results. (sb)

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