Unemployment makes you sick: sport helps

Unemployment makes you sick: sport helps

Sport and active exercise can prevent illness during unemployment

People who lose their jobs often face a serious emotional crisis. That the money is missing at all corners and edges is only a problem. Many sufferers increasingly suffer from health problems - of all physical and psychological types.

Missing structures and recognition
Anyone who loses their job and cannot find a new job even after a long job search often suffers from a personal crisis. The financial constraints are just one problem among many. Unemployment is a huge burden for most people. In many cases, what is missing is a recurring daily structure. "Many have the feeling that they are suddenly outside of society," reports the occupational physician Dr. Steffi Kreuzfeld from Rostock University Medical Center. According to the doctor, job seekers lack solid structures and recognition. The job previously provided both.

At the moment of unemployment, many tend to stop worrying about health. Some studies statistically indicate an increased risk of illness. "Unemployment becomes a stress of its own kind," said study author and researcher Wilhelm Adamy, who examined the health of Hartz IV recipients a few years ago on behalf of the German Federation of Trade Unions.

Become aware of the danger
It can help to become aware of the danger of becoming ill, the doctor advises. Sport can help to improve health enormously. Therefore Kreuzfeld advises: "Job seekers should force themselves to do sports". It doesn't have to be expensive either. For example, anyone who is not yet registered in a sports club can do so quickly and easily. Membership is often not expensive. In addition to promoting health, new friendships can also be made with the club members. It is not uncommon for new social contacts to open up new job prospects. "The movement also relieves stress."

Massive pressure from the job center
However, the unemployed are often under massive pressure. The job center or the employment agency encourages those affected to write innumerable applications, to conduct interviews or to continue their training. In the opinion of the expert, it is good to actively take care of a new job, but it does not help to neglect your health. That only makes me sick in a row. (sb)

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