The health insurance fund finances vacation for the chronically ill

The health insurance fund finances vacation for the chronically ill

Health insurance companies pay for the treatment of chronic illnesses on vacation

The treatment of chronically ill patients must be covered by statutory health insurance companies on vacation. The only requirement: a declaration of assumption of costs. It is issued if the insured has attempted unsuccessful private health insurance several times. Assuming the right preparation, there is nothing standing in the way of your upcoming summer vacation.

Health insurance abroad: pitfalls for the chronically ill Those who suffer from chronic diseases - for example diabetes or asthma - may also need professional treatment on vacation. In order to cover the costs incurred, those insured by law must take out private international health insurance, especially for longer trips outside Europe. The German health insurance does not pay for medical services in America, Canada, Australia or Asia. Repatriation is not paid for within Europe.

International health insurance is in demand among consumers: "According to the Association of the German Insurance Industry, there were over 23 million contracts in 2010," reports the Federation of Insured Persons. However, chronically ill people have to pay attention to the small print, the so-called “restrictions on the obligation to pay”. If it says here that the insurance only applies to "unforeseen", "unforeseeable" or "acute" illnesses, caution is advisable. Consumer advocates consider only a wording of the following kind to be appropriate: "There is no obligation to pay [...] for treatments due to medical reasons Diagnosis at the start of the trip was clear that they had to take place if the trip was carried out as planned. "

This way, the passage of costs by statutory health insurance companies does not help chronically ill patients if they are dependent on medical treatment during longer trips. In most cases, however, they are legally entitled to assumption of costs, writes the Federation of Insureds. An exception concerns trips lasting longer than six weeks outside Europe. “For six weeks in the calendar year, the health insurance fund also pays the costs outside Europe up to the amount that they would have been incurred in Germany. It also steps in when people with previous illnesses are planning a stay outside of Europe for school or study reasons, ”says Stiftung Warentest.

For this, however, the health insurance company must determine the lack of insurability before going abroad. This is achieved by submitting several rejection letters from private insurance companies. After an examination, the health insurance company ideally confirms that the costs will be borne. A declaration of assumption of costs for journeys of less than one month is not necessary for privately fully insured persons. Those who act early have a good chance of receiving financial support for the treatment of chronic diseases. The Federation of Insureds only advises when traveling to protect against “risks that can be really difficult - whether financially or health-wise.” The protection of small risks with a “travel package”, on the other hand, is unnecessary. (lb)

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