Homeopathy effective in inflammation

Homeopathy effective in inflammation

Alternative therapies support recovery

With the words inflammation and fever, the alarm bells ring for many, often followed by the fear of becoming seriously ill. Often overlooked: inflammation fulfills important functions. Local redness, fever, malfunction, and pain are considered typical features of inflammation. Your task: to render pathogenic substances harmless and to remove them. For example, the warmth of a fever prevents pathogens from spreading. In order to restore the health balance of the body, many ear, nose and throat doctors in NRW also offer their patients naturopathic therapies. Regulatory procedures such as homeopathy are particularly effective in acute inflammation. Their effects support the body's defense mechanisms.

Inflammation represents a defense reaction of the body against viruses and bacteria. The mucous membranes play a major role as contact surfaces with the environment. For example, the nasal mucous membranes warm and moisturize the inhaled air, filter dust and suspended matter out of it, and transport it out again with the nasal secretion. "With a runny nose, the body produces more nasal secretions and the mucous membranes swell up so that the runny nose can no longer drain away properly," explains Dr. Uso Walter, Duisburg ENT specialist and CEO of the HNOnet NRW. "In the worst case, this can also cause inflammation of the sinuses." As a rule, ENT doctors treat a simple runny nose with nasal drops and medications with expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects.

But ENT doctors also use naturopathic therapies to treat sinus infections. In this way, homeopathic and herbal remedies support the efforts of the organism to restore its health balance. Studies show: Many patients with sinusitis report that they got well after a homeopathic treatment. “The choice of the right homeopathic remedy is not based solely on the clinical diagnosis. The individual symptoms also play a decisive role in the choice of remedies, ”reports Dr. Walter from experience. Homeopathic remedies also remove weaknesses in the body caused by previous overuse of medication or a general weakness in the body's defenses. The “naturally healthy” seal from HNOnet NRW, which has been introduced since the beginning of the year, will help health-conscious people to find suitable ENT practices in their area in the future. (pm)

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