Stay in the shade with babies

Stay in the shade with babies

Protect young children from the sun

After the long wait, the time has finally come, summer has arrived. However, increased caution now applies to parents of small children, because children's skin is sensitive. Ideally, you stay in the shade with the baby.

Skin of toddlers thinner than that of adults Now, with temperatures well over 30 degrees across the country, it is pushing people outdoors. The Federal Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD) in Berlin therefore regularly refers to the special requirements for adequate sun protection at the beginning of summer. In general, the motto "avoid - dress - cream!" Applies, whereby the list also represents a ranking of the priorities. In addition, people should be aware that they are in the sun as soon as they go out, explained Dirk Meyer-Rogge from BVDD. Special care should be taken with babies, because their skin needs special sun protection. Monika Niehaus from the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) in Thuringia explains: "It (the skin) is thinner than that of adults, so it also absorbs UV rays faster." And further: "The skin can also not build as much pigment in an infant as it does in adults to build self-protection. "

Walks not between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Babies under six months of age should best not be exposed to the sun. If parents want to bring their little ones out with the stroller, then it is best to do this in the morning before 10 a.m. or in the afternoon from 4 p.m. Even then, sun protection on the stroller should not be missing. And in the car, additional radiation can be blocked with removable UV protection for the window pane. "The glass pane only filters the aggressive UV-B radiation," says the doctor. "However, the UV-A radiation gets through the window. It's not as harmful as UV-B radiation, but it can also burn the skin. "

Protection through clothing and sunscreen The best sun protection is provided by light clothing that covers the arms and legs. With a sun hat, ideally with a brim and neck protection, the particularly exposed areas can be covered: the face, the ears and the neck. For babies over six months, parents can also use sunscreen. If adults have to pay attention to their own skin type when choosing sun protection, this no longer plays such a big role in children, since a higher sun protection factor is recommended anyway. In principle, the previous measures must not be left out. Shades and clothing made of UV-impermeable fabric are still the best sun protection. "Lotion the sensitive, low-pigment baby and children's skin with waterproof UV-A / UV-B sunscreen before going out - with a sun protection factor that is greater than 20", recommends the doctor. "Do not use creams or lotions, that contain alcohol or perfume because they dry out the skin too much. " In addition, the remedy must be reapplied every two hours, or even if the baby has sweated profusely, as well as after bathing and drying. (ad)

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