Fitness exercises for long car trips

Fitness exercises for long car trips

Crank up the cycle on long car journeys with fitness exercises

The holidays have started in the first federal states and tens of thousands of citizens are going on vacation by car. Regular breaks and small gymnastic exercises are important for health in order to get the circulation going.

Reaching your destination safely and healthy The holiday season has begun and many people are driving to their holiday destination. If it is further away and thus the journey is long, it is recommended to stop and move regularly. This is also promoted by the brochure “Fit on vacation” of the program of the same name, which was presented in Berlin on Friday. The initiative, which runs until September 21, is sponsored by the ADAC, the Federal Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), among others. Its aim is to help drivers reach their destination safely and healthily.

Exercises for the driver and front passenger With small gymnastics exercises you can get your circulation going, relax your muscles and get fit for the next stage. The driver and front passenger can clear their heads by, for example, walking around the rest area for five minutes while swinging their arms. In order to accelerate the pulse and to strengthen the arms, push-ups are advisable in which one leans against the car. The car occupants can train their balance by standing on one leg and swinging the other back and forth vigorously. You can also hold on to the car door or, if you dare, try without a firm grip and with your eyes closed.

Children should let off steam. Children in particular are often annoyed by long journeys and become crunchy. To prevent this, you should take your time during the breaks and let them let off steam in a playground. There is nothing wrong with letting them take part in the fitness exercises. The experts also recommend small coordination games in their brochure: For example, every child could try to fold up a newspaper page in front of them with their feet as small as possible.

Light food and plenty of fluids In principle, the advice for longer car journeys is to eat as lightly as possible. So it is better to eat several small meals throughout the day and choose a lot of vegetables and fruits instead of fatty fried foods. Every car occupant should consume at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day, ideally in the form of water or highly diluted juice spritzer. (ad)

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