Germans underestimate the risk of tuberculosis

Germans underestimate the risk of tuberculosis

Germans underestimate the risk of tuberculosis

In Germany, tuberculosis (TBC) is a bigger problem than many doctors and patients generally believe. Experts are therefore required to pay more attention to the dangerous infectious disease.

Demanding more attention Even if many doctors and patients may not believe it, tuberculosis also poses a greater risk in Germany. The president of the German Central Committee to Combat Tuberculosis, Tobias Welte, said: "There must be more attention in the health system for tuberculosis." Most often, the disease also known as consumption or "the moths" occurs as an infection of the lungs, with persistent cough, Chronic fatigue, weight loss, fever with night sweats and a prick in the chest can be signs of tuberculosis has the consequence.

Tuberculosis is the world's deadliest infectious disease
To date, tuberculosis has been relatively widespread, especially in Asia, Africa and the Eastern European countries. Every year around nine million people contract tuberculosis and 1.7 million people die each year as a result of the infection. In Germany, the problem is relatively minor, but according to the Robert Koch Institute, the infection rate is also increasing among children in Germany. According to the latest figures, around 4,300 people contracted tuberculosis in 2011 and 162 died of it. In a global comparison, Germany is doing relatively well with an average of 5.3 cases reported per 100,000 inhabitants.

Problems with therapy According to Welte, there is also an undisclosed number in Germany. He told the dpa news agency: "It is linked to social status" and "The more emaciated, the more malnourished someone is, the higher the risk." To this day, tuberculosis is usually treated with antibiotics, usually a combination of different preparations over a period of around six months, but since the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria has increased significantly in recent years, tuberculosis therapy with standard drugs is proving to be an increasingly difficult undertaking today, so the news is that two new tuberculosis -Therapeutics in Europe are about to be approved, they are the first newly developed drugs for the treatment of TBC for 50 years. (Ad)

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