Poison in school lunches: 22 pupils die

Poison in school lunches: 22 pupils die

Insecticide appears to be the cause of numerous deaths in the East Indies

At least 22 students have died after eating canteen food in the northern Indian state of Bihar - as the Indian government has already confirmed, insecticide in the ingredients of the food was apparently the cause of the deaths.

Many children still at risk of life For at least 22 children from a school in the East Indian village of Masrakh, after eating a lunch of rice, soybeans, lentils and potatoes, all help came too late - because nine pupils died on Tuesday this week due to contamination with insecticide On the night of Wednesday another twelve children, all of whom were between eight and twelve years old. In addition, the accident could cause further casualties, because according to the newspaper "The Times of India" "more than two dozen sick children" are currently in the "Patna Medical College and Hospital" and some are in mortal danger. Everything is done to help the children: "The children in Patna are looked after by pediatricians around the clock," a police spokesman from the capital of Bihar, about 60 kilometers away, told Spiegel Online.

Apparently "traces of insect venom" in school lunches As the Ministry of Education confirmed, the ingredients of lunch, which are given to the students free of charge, "traces of insect venom" were found, which led to symptoms typical of poisoning in children - for example, Raja describes Yadav, the father of one of the sick students, that his son reported building pain after school and had to vomit.

Free school lunches are designed to bring more children to schools Free lunch subsidized by the government in the canteens of state schools is not uncommon in India - children can eat for free in 29 states, which means the government wants more children to attend school. The background: Many families cannot afford a paid lunch for their children, because according to official figures, 455 million people live below the poverty line in India, whereby Bihar is one of the most affected states. Accordingly, the government's idea at first glance seems very sensible - but unfortunately food poisoning apparently occurs again and again, and in Bihar in particular, according to Congress Party spokesman Jagdambika Pal, "spoiled and inferior food has been used time and again."

Tragic Incident Triggers Citizen Protests In response to the incident, hundreds of people across the state of Bihar gathered on the streets and protested at the village school tragedy, which the Times of India said the authorities would be held responsible for . According to the newspaper, Bihar's Prime Minister Nitish Kumar "was shocked by the incidents" and announced compensation of the equivalent of around 2,500 euros for each affected family - which, however, is an "insensitive" reaction in the opinion of the right-wing conservative "Bharatiya Janata Party" (BJP) as reported by The Times of India. Accordingly, "the Prime Minister of Bihar, instead of arranging for the affected children to be quickly transferred to a better medical facility, has announced a payment of € 2,500 for the deceased children - which demonstrates an insensitive and insensitive attitude," said BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy in Delhi. (Nr)

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