Spend lunch break with colleagues

Spend lunch break with colleagues

In Germany, most people prefer to spend their lunch break with colleagues

Most Germans prefer to spend their lunch break with colleagues. This was the result of a current Forsa survey. According to this, 48 ​​percent of working people take time for a lunch break on four to five working days. If it gets stressful, it has to fail.

No time for restaurant visits during the lunch break The lunch break is not only for relaxation but also for maintaining social contacts. According to a Forsa survey, 64 percent of working people spend their lunch break with colleagues. Every third employee goes to the break or lounge, 18 percent spend their break in the canteen and 28 percent stay at work.

As it turned out, many working people in Germany only have half an hour to have lunch (around half of those questioned), so that extensive restaurant visits, as is quite common in France or Italy, have to be canceled. If it gets stressful at work or an appointment is due, 59 percent of employees even skip their lunch break, the survey found.

In addition to lunch, there are also other activities during the break. So more than one in three women go shopping in time. Men want to relax against it. That's why only 20 percent run errands during their lunch break. While 15 percent of men take a short nap, only six percent of women reported sleeping at midday, although the short nap promotes concentration and performance. Every fifth person takes a walk after lunch.

Fast food often during the lunch break As part of the β€œEat what, Germany?” Study, which the Forsa Institute carried out on behalf of the Techniker Krankenkasse in January 2013, it became apparent that young people in particular do not place a high value on healthy eating. Four out of ten young adults type on their smartphones while eating. Besides, for many people the television runs naturally. Many meals are also not taken at home but on the go, such as a slice of pizza in the S-Bahn. In the evening there is a visit to the fast food restaurant. According to the study, the diet day in every third adult under 25 years of age runs at least three times a week in this way.

The group of workers is also of increasing concern to nutritionists, as many workers find it difficult to find a healthy lunch in a reasonable amount of time. According to the study, healthy eating is often difficult to reconcile with work. Only every second employee can have a quiet lunch. (ag)

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