Cannabis legalization in Uruguay

Cannabis legalization in Uruguay

Legalization in Uruguay will make waves worldwide

The German Hemp Association sees the parliamentary resolution in Uruguay on the complete legalization of cannabis as a global signal for a sensible regulation. If the bill passed by the House of Representatives passes the Senate in the next few weeks, Uruguay will be the first country in the world to fully legalize and regulate cannabis from production to distribution.

In South America, the debate about the harm caused by drug prohibition is well advanced. The drug cartels question the sovereignty of entire states, which shows the failure of a repressive policy particularly clearly. Uruguay is now the first country to act.

With the regulation of the cannabis market, the country deprives the gangs of an important source of income. At the same time, legalization enables more control over the drug and thus more consumer and youth protection.

After this decision, Georg Wurth of the German Hemp Association expects an intensified discussion about new ways in drug policy, especially with cannabis: "Due to international contracts there was a global ban on hemp as a stimulant for decades. After the US states of Washington and Colorado is now showing for the first time sovereign state that legalization is possible. This will also have an impact on the debate in Germany, where politicians from the CDU and SPD have so far regularly avoided the discussion with reference to the treaties. " (pm)

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