These are the summer calorie bombs

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Beware of the hip gold: summer is the favorite calories

Especially in summer on hot days, the small coolings such as ice cream, lemonades or the cool beer are very popular. Ice cream is usually very high in calories. Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) advises that there is a reason why it should be counted among sweets and should only be consumed in small portions.

Fruit ice cream and sorbets as an alternative "However, sorbets and fruit ice cream have a little less calories than milk ice cream." "If you add cream, chocolate sauce or brittle, it will be even more calorie-rich," says the expert. For example, the difference is in the same amount Strawberry ice cream and lemon sorbet at least 60 kcal, and even 80 kcal for chocolate milk ice cream.

Iced coffee is not better An iced coffee, especially in the ice cream parlor, is not necessarily a more friendly alternative. Care should be taken here. The coffee is usually served with sugar, milk, cream and of course a scoop of ice cream. A standard serving comes to 200 grams and weighs an average of 216 kcal. According to Gahl, ready-made coffee drinks from the supermarket are not an alternative. They are actually always sweetened with sugar and should not be consumed daily. So a 250-gram mug comes to 150-200 calories. But coffee is actually calorie-free.

Alcoholic beverages are high in calories For many, a freshly tapped beer or a glass of wine spritzer is the ideal refreshment. But here too Gahl advises caution: alcoholic beverages are not thirst-quenching and also contain quite a lot of calories. ”So half a liter of wheat beer contains an impressive 190 kcal. A simple Pils 0.3 liter has at least 126 kcal. Wines and lemonades also perform similarly poorly. A 0.2 liter glass with dry white wine has a good 144 kcal. With the same amount of wine spritzer, you consume about 74 kcal.

Lemonades on the top spots Not the latest knowledge but worth mentioning again and again: 0.3 liters of cola come to 141 kcal. With a quantity of 0.3 liters of lemonade, you consume about 153 kcal. Apple juice spritzer, on the other hand, contains only 72 kcal for the same amount, which is why the nutritionist recommends water and unsweetened herbal tea to avoid the calories.

Obesity on the rise Obesity continues to spread throughout the population. According to the latest health monitoring by the Robert Koch Institute, 67% of all men and 53% of women are overweight. 23 percent of men and 24 percent of women are overweight with a tendency towards obesity. Obesity is more widespread in the lower educational groups. This difference stands out particularly in women. (fr)

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