Norovirus in Schwäbisch Hall

Norovirus in Schwäbisch Hall

40 children believed to have norovirus infections

After taking a language course in Schwäbisch-Hall, around 40 children are believed to be infected with the norovirus. According to the district, "more and more of the predominantly young people between the ages of ten and 14 years complained of nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea during the night from Saturday to Sunday and over the course of the Sunday morning." In addition, some of those affected had significant circulatory problems had to fight.

According to official information, around 40 of the approximately 80 participants in the language course showed significant gastrointestinal upset. "Help from doctors, police, the Health and Consumer Protection Office and other support services was very quickly on site" and some sick people had to be hospitalized for outpatient care, the Schwäbisch Hall district reports in a current press release. The authorities suspect that norovirus infections are the cause of the symptoms.

Determination of the pathogens completed at the end of the week at the earliest. It remains to be seen how the participants of the course for teaching the German language and culture in the educational institution in Schwäbisch Hall could have been infected with the noroviruses. In a first review, according to the district, the kitchen was first examined as a possible source of infection. However, checking the hygienic condition of the kitchen showed "no complaints", according to the official press release. Samples of all meals served from Friday morning to Sunday have already been taken by the district office's food experts. However, the results of the laboratory analysis are not expected before the end of this week, explained the press office of the Schwäbisch Hall district office. Depending on which pathogens triggered the disease, the laboratory test could take different efforts and possibly take longer. In the laboratory, "the stool samples taken from the sick by the health department are also examined," continued the Schwäbisch Hall district. (fp)

Noroviruses in community facilities a significant problem
According to the official information, most of those affected "reportedly feel better today." Although it has not yet been finally clarified what caused the symptoms, the symptoms are suspected to be suspected of a norovirus infection of the Schwäbisch Hall District Office. In community facilities such as schools, kindergartens, nursing homes or even on cruise ships, noroviruses are relatively often responsible for sudden gastrointestinal diseases. The highly infectious pathogens are often transmitted directly from person to person by fecal-oral route via smear infection, but can also be passed on via contaminated food and surfaces of everyday objects. Typical is the simultaneous occurrence of numerous diseases in one facility. (fp)

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