Health insurance criticism of increased medical fees

Health insurance criticism of increased medical fees

AOK criticizes increased income from general practitioners

The AOK has criticism of the increase in income of general practitioners. The health insurance company considers their recent increase in income, as determined by the Federal Statistical Office, to be too high.

Increases of up to 35 percent
The board of the AOK federal association, Uwe Deh told the magazine "Focus" related to the increased income: "It remains open what value the insured received for an income increase of 17 percent." It was unacceptable that individual groups of doctors lost their income could increase up to 35 percent and others could not at all.

More expenses for practice and personnel
According to statistics, a practice received 483,000 euros in 2011. That is 21 percent more than in 2007. However, the doctors would have had to spend more on practice and staff. The Federal Statistical Office's figures refer to the years 2007 to 2011.

Criticism from General Practitioners' Association
The head of the general practitioners association, Ulrich Weigeldt, also expressed criticism. Specialists could not earn "two to three times a family doctor", because this means that young doctors decide against working as a family doctor for economic reasons, Weigeldt told "Focus". Cash registers and doctors had begun negotiations on the fee for 2014 in mid-August. (ad)

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