Doctors remove 23 kilograms of tumor

Doctors remove 23 kilograms of tumor

23 kilogram tumor successfully removed from a patient from Bulgaria

In recent years, amazing successes in the surgical removal of huge tumors have been reported. According to media reports, surgeons in Bulgaria have now managed to remove a 23-kilogram tumor from the belly of a 67-year-old patient.

In view of the improved surgical procedures, tumors can be operated today that were considered inoperable until a few years ago. The Bulgarian patient had known about the tumor for 20 years, but surgery was out of the question for a long time. Surgeon Boschidar Slavchev's statement in the Sofia University Hospital press release shows that such an operation is also a specialty for experienced specialists. Slavchev emphasized that he had never seen anything like it in his career.

Increasingly successful operations on giant tumors
Reports of the successful removal of huge, previously inoperable tumors have been piling up around the world for around five years. For example, in Berlin in 2009 a malignant bone tumor weighing around 18 kilograms was removed from the pelvis of a 35-year-old patient from Saudi Arabia. In 2012, a 14 kilogram ovarian tumor was removed from a woman at the University Hospital of Cologne and an 18 kilogram tumor of the uterus was removed from another patient at the Clemens Hospital in Münster. In October, a 28-kilogram tumor was removed from the abdominal cavity of a senior citizen at Dresden University Hospital. The largest surgically removed tumor to date was an unimaginable 90 kilograms and was removed by an international team of doctors in a 13-hour operation in early 2012 in a man from Vietnam. (fp)

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