Thorn for all ages

Thorn for all ages

DORN congress in Memmingen

On the 5th, every two years, DORN users and the large audience of those interested in health and self-help meet for the DORN Congress. Just over two years after Dieter Dorn's death, the congress is now returning to Memmingen. Due to its practical effectiveness, the Dorn method has meanwhile spread worldwide.

The guests of the Dorn Congress are greeted by Reinhard Dorn and the former Bavarian Minister of State. Josef Miller. The Mayor of Memmingen Dr. Ivo Holzinger said in advance in a statement: "The obvious effectiveness of this alternative method shows its rapid spread, for which neither financial means for advertising campaigns nor great support from the media were necessary." Holzinger emphasized that he was particularly pleased, "that the thorn Congress - after its side trips to Würzburg and Stuttgart - found our beautiful, historic city again. ”

The district administrator of the Unterallgäu district, Hans-Joachim Weirather, was convinced of the treatment method and explained that the success had given Dieter Dorn the right, after all, his method is now around 30 years old and is widely accepted worldwide.

Dr. Norbert Blühm, former Federal Minister of Labor, said he "got to know Dieter Dorn on the bedside and valued him as a humble benefactor of the people." His help made life easier for many people. “Unfortunately, Dieter Dorn has not found the recognition that he deserves. The congress is all the more important, "continued Blühm.

At the 9th DORN Congress, all interested parties could find out about the possible areas of application and the procedures for DORN therapy at the beginning of October. (pm)

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