“Nugtella”: cannabis spread

“Nugtella”: cannabis spread

Spreading hash leads to complaint

In the US state of California, you can now buy a hazelnut spread that is spiked with THC. And quite legally, because California is now one of 15 states in which the use of cannabis for medical purposes has been legalized.

Around 200,000 people registered there to be able to get marijuana by prescription. The manufacturer, the Organicares company has now used a bread spread enriched with 320 milligrams of THC called “Nugtella”. The cost of a glass is around 19 euros.

THC therapy can help Medicine has been using the sometimes positive effect of the flowering plant for a long time. For example, treatments for cannabis are reported positively in the case of multi-tipped skeletons with associated spasticity, in spastic paralysis but also in the case of nausea and vomiting in connection with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In tablet form, it is already used successfully in Tourett syndrome and as an HIV medication.

Product similarities lead to a lawsuit Due to the optically only slight difference to the “Nutella” spread, which is known all over the world, the Italian group “Ferrero” decided to file a lawsuit. It remains to be seen whether this means the final end of the "sweet start" to the day. (fr)

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