No effect of Okoubaka in one study

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Study: drug testing with Okoubaka

The drug picture of Okoubaka aubrevillei was examined in a new drug trial. In homeopathy, the potencies of this plant are often used to treat stomach problems.

31 subjects were included in the double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled drug testing, of which ultimately 29 data were available for evaluation. 18 subjects received the verum (O. aubrevillei C12), 11 unknowingly tested placebo preparations. The follow-up period was 16 days. The subjects noted the observed symptoms, which were then statistically evaluated.

When comparing the symptoms of the subjects from the verum group with the symptoms of the subjects from the placebo group, no statistically significant difference was found in the number of symptoms classified as characteristic. The agreement between the two reviewers when evaluating the characteristic symptoms was high. All in all a sobering result, but the authors discuss the possible reasons in detail. Here is the abstract. (pm)

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