Hotline for measles outbreak in Jena

Hotline for measles outbreak in Jena

Jena sets up hotline for worried parents about measles outbreak

Starting next Monday, Jena will set up a telephone hotline (telephone number: 03641/493131), where worried parents can find out about the measles outbreak in the city. The health authorities answer all questions about measles, as the city reports. Vaccination has so far been the only protection against the infectious disease.

Measles now broken out at school in Jena Since the measles outbreak at Jenaplan School, many parents have been concerned. In addition to the proven measles diseases, three suspected cases were also reported. "We advise avoiding unnecessary contacts, avoiding kisses and hugs," said Antje Weise, medical officer in Jena, to the news agency "dpa".

Measles should not be dismissed as a “minor childhood illness”, because even years after the onset of the infection, the pathogens can cause serious health problems. Especially in older and immunocompromised patients, violent disease courses, for example with pneumonia, sometimes occur.

In rare cases, healthy, young people develop subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), a generalized inflammation of the brain with nerve removal. The most serious damage inevitably leads to the death of the patient. Approximately every ten thousand patients are affected by this disease. In addition, life-threatening inflammation of the brain can develop as part of a measles infection. Vaccination against measles is currently the only effective protection. (ag)

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