Blood pressure monitors belong in every household

Blood pressure monitors belong in every household

A blood pressure monitor belongs in every household

A blood pressure monitor should be part of every household, just like the scales that are usually included or the clinical thermometer. This could be a contribution to the early detection of high blood pressure.

Hypertension and its Consequences A blood pressure monitor should be available in every household. The two doctors at the Elisabethinen Hospital in Linz, the cardiologist Hans Joachim Nesser and the nephrologist Rainer Oberbauer, advised in a press conference at a congress with around 300 participants on the topic: "Hypertension and its consequences", which started in Linz on Thursday. New methods for the early diagnosis of consequential damage to high blood pressure were also presented.

Everyone should know about their blood pressure. The two specialists work together because hypertension can destroy the kidneys in the long term, but kidney diseases can also lead to high blood pressure. In Austria, around two million people suffer from high blood pressure and an estimated 800,000 suffer from reduced kidney function. The experts said: “A measuring device at home would be ideal, because everyone should know about their blood pressure. - If more than 60 percent of people believe that one can recognize increased blood pressure by symptoms, this is especially wrong in the early stages. "

Obesity increases, especially among children. The problem is likely to become even bigger in the future as the number of people with high blood pressure continues to rise. Overweight is increasing worldwide, especially among children. For adolescents, this means a four times higher risk of developing excessive blood pressure in later years. This applies to every second to third person from the age of 60.

New methods presented At the Linz Congress, two new methods for diagnosing consequential damage were also presented. So, among other things, cardiac ultrasound to record the disturbed muscle function while pumping is still normal. High pressure causes a reduction in the muscle deformation of the heart. The second method presented is the detection of the increase in stiffness of the arteries due to the high pressure by measuring the speed of pulse waves. The microcalcifications in the coronary arteries can also be determined using computer tomography.

Good treatment options According to the specialists, there are also new approaches in treatment. For example, a catheter procedure in the renal arteries should help if patients cannot be adequately adjusted with medication. Around 20 companies worldwide are currently working on the further development of such catheter probes. In many cases, there are also good treatment options for hypertension in a natural way. Exercise can help manage hypertension. Moderate endurance sports (walking, cycling, jogging, swimming), which are frequently and regularly practiced in smaller sections, have proven to be the most successful. (ad)

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