Consumer advocates warn of mold on cheese

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Consumer advice center warns: Beware of packaged cheese

The Bavarian consumer center has had the shelf life of sliced ​​cheese examined. A total of 40 different types of cheese from the greater Munich area were purchased and examined at the Central Institute for Nutrition and Food Research in "Weihenstephan". The result was that packaged cheese often starts to mold before the shelf life is exceeded. Especially cheese that is freshly bought and packed at the cheese counter starts to mold faster than expected. Here 60 percent samples were moldy.

In contrast, it was only 20 percent for cheese that was already packaged in a protective atmosphere at the manufacturer. The consumer advice center urges manufacturers to act. "The best-before date of freshly cut cheese has to be reconsidered and realistically improved by the suppliers," says the head of the Bavarian Consumer Center Marion Breithaupt-Endres,

The majority of the molds found are not harmful to health, but are no longer suitable for consumption. The DNA analysis showed that only a cheese sample should be considered. The rest would pose no health risk. It is, however, hardly possible for the consumer to differentiate whether it is hazardous to health or not. That is why the consumer advice center generally recommends that you stop using the cheese at the first sign of mold. The consumer should in any case complain to the merchant about the goods. (fr)

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