Exercises and tips for headaches in the office

Exercises and tips for headaches in the office

Headaches in computer work in the office often arise from visual disturbances

Many people complain of headaches in the office. Tensions or psychosomatic causes are often hidden behind the symptoms. Visual disturbances can also lead to headaches when working with computers. In an interview with the "dpa" news agency, Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld, a member of the German General Practitioners' Association, explains what victims can do about the complaints.

Headaches in the office are often caused by stress and tension "In 99 percent of cases, headaches are caused by tension in the neck area," Mühlenfeld told the news agency. Often there are psychosomatic causes such as stress behind the symptoms. Improper posture can also trigger tension and headaches an effective exercise suitable for the office to relieve the pain by crossing the hands at the back of the head and pushing the head backwards while holding the hands against it. The exercise lasts only about a minute.

Another cause of headaches can be visual disturbances when working with computers. Then those affected should slowly press their heads onto their chests. Further effective exercises can be learned from a physiotherapist or a sports club. "If the headache comes from computer work, it is usually visual disturbances that are the reason," explains Mühlenfeld. Heating air and lack of oxygen are less often the cause of headaches.

Relieving headaches with natural healing methods The simple home remedies for headaches include the use of medicinal plants and medicinal herbs. Lavender, woodruff and lemon balm in a tea preparation can often alleviate the symptoms. To do this, pour a quarter liter of boiling water over a teaspoon of dried lavender flowers, a teaspoon of dried lemon balm or half a teaspoon of woodruff herb. After a steeping period of around four to five minutes, the liquid is poured off. Three cups of tea should be drunk per day.

A teaspoon of cowslip in about a quarter of a liter of boiling water also helps against headaches. After a brewing time of about half a minute to a full minute, the tea is ready. Here, too, three cups a day, drunk in small sips, are enough to dispel the annoying headache. Yarrow tea is also suitable. (ag)

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