Dark bread lasts longer than light bread

Dark bread lasts longer than light bread

Ministry of Consumer Affairs recommends dark bread

Dark bread lasts longer than all light types of bread. This is what the Federal Ministry of Consumer Affairs is doing as part of the “Too Good for the Tonne” campaign. If you consider the shelf life of bread when you buy it, you would help avoid food waste. The campaign campaigns against the throw-away culture.

Store bread in the bread box at room temperature In Germany there are around 300 types of bread and more than 1,200 types of biscuits. This makes Germany one of the front runners in international comparison. At the same time, around 12 kilos of baked goods per person are thrown away in our country every year. Often people buy too much. "Too good for the bin" is a campaign by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs that campaigns against the avoidable disposal of food.

"The darker bread is, the longer it lasts. Sourdough bread lasts about seven days, wholemeal bread four days, white bread up to three days, ”says a message about the campaign. It is best to keep the bread at room temperature in a bread box or in a clay pot. Bread that is left over can be frozen - either in the form of individual slices, which are then thawed in the toaster, or as a whole loaf. A bread takes about five hours to thaw at room temperature. Buns can also be frozen and later baked in the oven moistened with a little water.

“Bread that is already firm and somewhat dry is ideal for croutons. You cut the bread into small cubes, fry it in low heat or in butter or oil and sprinkle the crispy croutons over salads, soups, scrambled eggs or stews, ”the message goes on. In general, however, the following applies: "If bread is moldy, it must no longer be used." (Ag)

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