More adults suffer from massive obesity

More adults suffer from massive obesity

Every second person is overweight

In Germany, every second struggles with an excessively high body mass index and is therefore overweight. One in four even suffers from extreme weight gain. On Friday, more than 300 experts want to exchange information on new therapy and diagnosis options on the subject of obesity at the annual conference of the German Obesity Society in Hanover.

According to society, more than half of all Germans are too heavy and every fourth citizen even suffers from extreme excess weight. Obesity is progressing faster and faster in children and adolescents. 15 percent of three to 17 year olds or 1.9 million children and adolescents in Germany are already overweight. Depending on the definition, this is 10-20% of all schoolchildren and young people.

The increasing extent of obesity in children and adolescents is offset by completely inadequate offers of adequate treatment options. Unfortunately, this means that the affected families and adolescents accept commercial offers for rapid weight loss without recognizing the dangers and side effects.

More and more operations
In the fight against pathological obesity, surgical interventions are carried out more and more often. The use of gastric bands or a gastric reduction should make it easier for patients to lose weight. According to Oliver Mann, the head of the Obesity Center at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, around 2.5 million people in Germany are “worthy of surgery”. Overall, the number of overweight people is currently not increasing significantly, but the proportion of morbidly overweight people is increasing dramatically. The reason is our way of life: we eat too much and exercise too little. "If we continue like this, we'll suffocate on our fat," said the expert.

Worldwide increase in obesity
But not only Germany is affected. The frequency of obesity is increasing worldwide in all industrialized countries. The extent of obesity and thus the number of extremely obese people is also alarming. There are many reasons for this, one speaks of multifactorial, and among other things exist in changing living conditions. Whether excessive intake of high-calorie and high-fat food, physical inactivity or a genetic predisposition, there is always an increase in the body's fat mass. (fr)

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