Private health insurance before going out?

Private health insurance before going out?

The left wants to abolish private health insurance

The Left Party is again calling for the abolition of private health insurance. One reason for the left are the high contributions. This time, a bill is to initiate the end, which will only be discussed in the Bundestag after the summer break.

According to the statistics portal Statista, almost nine million people in Germany have private health insurance (PKV). About 70 million German citizens are insured against illness in the statutory health insurances (GKV). Here, children and spouses who are not gainfully employed are also insured free of charge, whereby, as a rule, private health insurance must pay extra for each family member.

For the left, there is no question that a general need for protection should also be introduced in private health insurance. This should help to stem the emerging two-class medicine. Many insured persons can hardly pay their contributions in the private health insurance. At present, citizens with a gross income of € 4,350 a month or € 52,200 a year can leave the statutory health insurances and take out health insurance under the private health insurance.

“Even now, their premium explosion is causing unacceptable social hardship, particularly among older insured people who can no longer switch to statutory health insurance. It usually does not accept chronically ill people and people with disabilities at all, but it tends to deprive the solidarity community of well-paid and healthy insureds, ”said Kathrin Vogler, deputy chairwoman of the health committee in the German Bundestag.

Basic medical care via SHI
Contrary to the claims of the Association of Private Health Insurance Companies that there is hardly a good earner in the private health insurance, a current study now comes to different results. Around 87 percent of the insured achieve an income below the compulsory insurance limit. Many tariffs also offer fewer services than is the case with statutory health insurance. These reasons suggest abolition, the left declared on Tuesday. In the future, all citizens should be able to access basic medical care provided by the statutory health insurance.

After the summer break there will be discussions
In the future, private health insurance plans will only be limited to supplementary health insurance plans and will no longer offer basic insurance.

The demands of the left include the abolition of the PKV in one step. All PKV insured persons should then be able to switch back to statutory health insurance. In order to avoid job cuts, the employees of the private health insurance companies should be taken over by the statutory health insurance companies. The earliest decision in the autumn after the summer break is whether private health insurance will be abolished. However, one thing is clear: only solidary health insurance can ensure good care for all people in Germany in the long term. (fr)

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