Picture on health card will be mandatory from 2014

Picture on health card will be mandatory from 2014

Electronic health card becomes mandatory

In Germany, the new electronic health card (eGK) is currently being introduced across the board and will replace the previous health insurance card. From 2014, a picture on the card is mandatory.

Validity ends at the end of the year The previous health insurance card expires at the end of the year. From the first of January 2014, only the new electronic health card (photo of the insured person) is permitted. Franziska Becher from IKK classic explains: "The validity of all old KV cards still in circulation expires on December 31, 2013." The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance funds would have agreed on this.

95 percent of the insured already have the card, according to the GKV umbrella association, around 95 percent of the insured already have the eGK. The remaining five percent should now submit a photo to their health insurance company as soon as possible so that the new eGK can be issued in good time by the end of the year. A current passport photo, which is shown on this, is a prerequisite for receiving the new card. Only insured persons under the age of 15 and a few others, such as those in need of care, received their eGK without a photo. Most health insurance companies offer the option of sending a passport photo digitally.

No picture without a card According to Franziska Becher, insureds who do not provide a picture to their health insurers did not receive an eGK: "They do not receive an electronic health card and therefore do not have a medical certificate of entitlement." As a result, if not within ten days After a treatment, a valid insurance certificate was submitted, the doctor was entitled to issue a private bill and to request remuneration. "Reimbursement of these costs is complicated and involves considerable additional effort."

Criticism of the new health card The new electronic health card has been criticized since its planned introduction. By June of this year, 728 million euros are said to have been invested in the eGK, despite the fact that their advantages are controversial. In this way, a benefit could only be secured in the long term, because better data connections would make it faster and more flexible to access patient health data. For data protection reasons, however, this poses problems. Doctors are also sometimes critical and the leading association of doctors has stated that the old cards will be accepted for a long time in 2014. The expensive abolition of the health insurance card introduced in 1995 can hardly be justified. (ad)

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