Apps can help hobby athletes

Apps can help hobby athletes

Measure your heart rate with your smartphone while running

So far, many athletes have followed their heart rate using a chest strap while running or cycling. With a heart rate monitor, the annoying straps can become superfluous.

Running poses health problems Running can cause serious health problems. According to a study by the AOK last year, two thirds of all joggers endanger their health from running instead of benefiting from it. Exhaustion, fatigue and fatigue are the main causes of overexertion. Muscular problems and cardiovascular problems are at risk. Especially when your own physical limits are exceeded while jogging and massive exhaustion occurs after leisure sports, an unfavorable running profile with negative health consequences can be assumed, explained Professor Henning Allmer from the Cologne Institute for Applied Health Sciences.

Eliminate the annoying chest strap with a new heart rate monitor One way not to strain yourself too much is to measure your heart rate while exercising. So far, most runners have used a chest strap that transmits the heart rate to a special wristwatch via a transmitter. Alternatives to these that do not require a belt are not suitable for many athletes, since with these products the pulse is only measured at the push of a button and only at slow speed or at a standstill. However, the new Alpha Global heart rate monitor Alpha does not need the annoying chest strap or measuring at a slow speed.

Convincing according to Stiftung Warentest The Mio Alpha replaces the belt by measuring the heart rate on the wrist. The watch must be firmly attached to the arm for correct measurement, as there is a sensor on the back. Contact is established with a smartphone via Bluetooth and an app is there to record the data. The data that is displayed on the watch itself is the current heart rate, training duration and time. The heart rate monitor costs around 200 euros, but according to the Stiftung Warentest convinced after a quick test. Among other things, she had to compete against the EKG measurement in the test laboratory, and the deviations were small.

Get to sleep earlier and become more active Another device, the Withings Pulse pedometer, is not only a heart rate monitor, distance and altimeter in one, but also offers a sleep cycle analysis. The calories burned are also displayed. The general recommendation to take 10,000 steps a day can be easily fulfilled with the device. In addition, the product can recognize when you fall asleep and wake up again. Sleep breaks would also be recognized and counted. Thanks to all the data, it is easy to see whether you shouldn't go to bed earlier or be more active. (ad)

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