Cold time: cough is not the same as cough

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Wrong cough can become a permanent problem

According to doctors, false coughing sometimes leads to tears in the mucous membrane, which can often become a permanent problem for those affected. There are basically two types of cough. One is classified as productive and the other as unproductive cough, says Michael Barczok, board member of the Federal Association of Pneumology. The unproductive cough is dry and painful, while the productive mucus dissolves, "I feel relieved," said Barczok. "We want the productive cough." Therefore, those affected should not treat him with cough suppressants if possible. "

Treating dry cough tenderly The dry cough behaves differently. Those affected should not let him run free, but should treat him with a "tender cough". The coughed man with his left hand forms a fist into which he coughs gently, explained Barczok. The cheeks should flare up, because this creates a small air barrier down into the bronchi, which ensures that they do not collide so much when coughing. This is exactly where the problem of dry, irritable cough lies.

Cracks can develop in the mucous membrane. Irritant cough originates from an infection. "Viruses attack the mucous membrane and are repelled," says Barczok. This can cause cracks, which can excite the nerve fibers in the mucous membrane even with a breath of cold air or the inhalation of smoke. This often causes a coughing sensation in those affected. If you give in to him in an uncontrolled manner and the mucous membranes meet, the wounds open again each time. "The problem is that there is a self-sustaining cough."

Saline serves as a humidifier An additional aid is provided by moistening the mucous membranes with a saline solution. This can be inhaled or gargled. For homemade salt solutions, Braczok recommends adding a teaspoon of salt to a liter of water. In general, the mixtures can be a little stronger. Warm drinks support the relief. "The trachea and esophagus run right next to each other," says the doctor. The heat is passed on so well.

Breathing is important Correct breathing also helps against the irritable cough. Rapid and shallow breathing should be avoided. If you take a slow and deep breath, you can relieve your mucous membranes a little. When coughing productively with phlegm, it can also be helpful if another person gently taps the person concerned from bottom to top, once on the right and once on the left, the expert advises. These vibrations help loosen the mucus in the chest. (fr)

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